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Vanquisher - To defeat or conquer in battle. Music was to be his stronghold, a place inaccessible to any enemy. The hiatus didn't last long.

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Blessing the mic with his gritty, audacious, spirited vocals, there was no turning back. Champion - One that is clearly superior or has the attributes of a winner. Combatant - Engaging in armed strife.

Dawg E Slaughter similar artists Maximus Dan. Slaughter bypassed being just another soca artiste, podamos o podamos yahoo dating he was amongst the finest in the industry. Nothing is ever done by chance only by faith and it was not mere luck that Slaughter chose to go with his uncle to a basement party one night in Brooklyn. But once again the fight found him and Slaughter had to prove he was worthy of the airplay.

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Warrior - One who is engaged in or experienced in battle. Contender - To strive in opposition or against difficulties. If there is anything left to prove, then this is it. If you have to know only one thing about Derek Pereira aka Mr. He's a one hit wonder many thoughtthey were wrong.

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