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What I like to do is just share youtube videos of music I enjoy. Maldives remained a British crown protectorate until when the sultanate was suspended and the First Republic was declared under the short-lived presidency of Muhammad Amin Didi. It was during this period that the culture of the Maldives both developed and flourished, a culture which survives today. Malabari seafaring culture led to the settlement of the Islands by Malayali seafarers. In the British period the Sultan's powers were taken over by the Chief Minister, much to the chagrin of the British Governor-General who continued to deal with the ineffectual Sultan.

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The status of the islands was akin to other British protectorates in the Indian Ocean region, including Zanzibar and the Trucial States. Economic decline followed the closure of the British airfield at Gan and the collapse of the market for dried fish, an important export. In the restoration of the sultanate perpetuated the rule of the past.

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Their attempts to impose Christianity provoked a local revolt led by Muhammad Thakurufaanu Al-Azam and his two brothers, that fifteen years later drove the Portuguese out of Maldives. Moreover, chiefs or headmen did not reside in elaborate stone palaces, nor did their religion require the construction of large temples or compounds.

The formal title of the sultan up to was, Sultan of Land and Sea, Lord of the twelve-thousand islands and Sultan of the Maldives which came with the style Highness. This event is now commemorated as National Day. The British expelled the Dutch from Ceylon in and included Maldives as a British protected area.

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Nasir was challenged in by a local secessionist movement in the three southernmost atolls that benefited economically from the British presence on Gan. Others have it he may have been from the Persian town of Tabriz.

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The islands thus achieved full political independence, with the ceremony taking place at the British High Commissioner's Residence in Colombo. As a result, angry mobs were instigated against the Constitution which was publicly torn up. Good luck trying to find something better. It stitched together and rigged the dhows that plied the Indian Ocean.

Tourism flourished and increased foreign contact spurred development. This group cut ties with the Maldives government and formed an independent state, the United Suvadive Republic with Abdullah Afif as president and Hithadhoo as capital. While serving as prime minister during the s, Didi nationalized the fish export industry. Their buildings were probably built of wood, palm fronds and other perishable materials, adrian cheetah girls dating which would have quickly decayed in the salt and wind of the tropical climate.

Buddhist and Hindu temples were Mandala shaped, they are oriented according to the four cardinal points, the main gate being towards the east. Compared to the other areas of South Asia, the conversion of the Maldives to Islam happened relatively late.