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Keeps, well wrapped, for a day or so at room temp. Fry up the spam shapes in a mixture of sugar and shoyu. She buys her musubi forms in Hawaii and says Walmart has the best, cheapest rice and nori. Whoa, even the water creatures have sniffed out our stash of musubi.

Slice one block of spam into ten slices. Wetting the knife in between slicing will help keep the rice from sticking to the knife, as well as make it easier to slice. Print article Spam musubi is a simple, portable, affordable savory snack.

Kenji made me a very delicious musubi version of a ham and cheese sandwich, with lettuce and a tempura-battered pocket full of American cheese. Dip the bottom portion of the musubi mold into water to help keep the rice from sticking to the mold. Fold the sides of nori over the block of rice. You want the musubi to hold together when you eat it.

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Warm Spam and rice will melt the cheese. Dice it all up and you can easily make some tasty spam fried rice to eat, austin texas matchmaking or to roll up into some fried rice musubi. You want the soy sauce mixture to caramelize a bit and coat the Spam nicely watch closely so that it doesn't burn.

It's not health food, but it's pretty damn delicious. Press the rice firmly with the musubi compressor. This step is really optional, but I prefer to toast my nori seaweed. Since this dish was shallow, I just flipped it over so both ends were moistened.

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Once it boils, turn it down to low. Stack up the nori and cut the sheets in half on the long edge. Cook rice and keep warm in rice cooker. Some can be tightly rolled with strips of Spam inside, like a tekka maki, or tuna roll. The ingredients are pretty easily available in all supermarkets, except for the musubi maker.

Turn heat down to medium-low, add brown sugar and soy sauce mixture and turn Spam over a few times to coat well. There are variations within Spam Musubi.

According to Sandy, the traditional method of making musubi is to use unflavored rice and fry the Spam. Here you can see two spam musubi molds.

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Place seam side down and let it set a bit while you roll the rest. Layer a slice of fried Spam, and, if desired, a splash of teriyaki sauce. Sprinkle furikake over the rice, add a piece of Spam, more furikake, and lastly, more rice. Of course whenever I make spam musubi, I always have to make some meat-free ume furikake musubi for Quill.

Party Spam Musubi

My newer mold on the right is taller and narrower. The ingredients on this jar are just sesame seeds, salt, sugar and seaweed. In Southeast Asia, they are known as luncheon meat. Wet the top handled portion, place into the mold and press rice down firmly. Stove-top isn't preferred, but see instructions below for cooking in a pot.

Place musubi shaper on top of the nori in the center. The short edges of the mold should line up with the long edges of the nori. Scoop enough rice into the musubi shaper to make a thin layer. They insist on rinsing it well and soaking it before cooking it in a rice cooker.

Cut American cheese singles in half. Fill the form the rest of the way with rice. Lay a piece of nori on a clean work surface. When ready to serve, slice in half with a serrated knife. This is how they do it at Chevron.

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The ratio of the rice to spam proportion is entirely up to your own preference. Pour the eggs in to form a thin layer. So there really were three hungry creatures lurking about! Laurel, treading water in the pool immediately reached out to grab a butterfly spam musubi.

Thankfully, the tin that holds the spam could be doubled up as a mould as well. This also applies to the fillings. One package hand-roll-sized nori seaweed sheets. Toast the other end, then the other side. If you desire, add Furikake seasoning to the rice to taste and mix well.

How could something that taste so good be so bad? Slice each musubi crosswise into four pieces with a sharp knife. Stove-top cooking is hard, but Kenji gave instructions below for that as well. Fry Spam on medium-high heat for a few minutes on each side, or until lightly browned. Teriyaki sauce, Furikake rice seasoning available at Asian markets.

Press gently with the plunger to compact. Serve right away or wrap and pack for a mid-morning or afternoon snack. These are available at some Asian groceries and on Amazon. That led me to experiment with sandwich fixings.

Or it can be fully wrapped inside a square of nori folded like edible origami. With the right supplies, it's easy to make. Gently mix the furikake into freshly cooked short grain rice. Gochujang, Frank's hot sauce, Tabasco or Sriracha Beat three eggs well. We would savor the crispy, salty meat carefully and save the best for the last.

Press firmly using the musubi compressor. Wrap the nori around the musubi tightly. While pressing plunger with one hand, slide the form up with the other to free the musubi. This ginormous-looking onigiri originated from Hawaii and is well-loved by the locals and tourists. When the timer goes off, the water should be mostly absorbed.

Korean Calbi short ribs served up from a taco truck? Many Alaskans, especially the many us with Hawaiian connections and those who grew up in rural villages, have a nostalgic soft spot for the taste of Spam. So how many shapes you are able to get depends on the sizes and shapes of your cutters. If the pan seems too hot, take it off the burner for a few seconds.